About Sorigo


  • +Humility

    • Although the Sorigo team offers superior expertise, we don't claim to know it all. No one can. Our knowledge and experience give us confidence that we will be an invaluable element to our customers' success. However, success requires an honest humility; learning from others and being open to new ideas and new ways of doing things fosters growth and improvement. With a healthy measure of humility, Sorigo can help launch your company into a long-lasting and secure future.
  • +Customer Intimacy

    • The Sorigo team is determined to gain a deep understanding of our customer's business and a solid appreciation of the problems they are trying to solve. This is critical for mutual success and the only way to have a lasting partnership. Our goal is not "customer satisfaction" but "customer delight". Listening. Developing. Delivering. That's the Sorigo way.
  • +Innovation

    • In this fast-paced, ever-changing technology market, ingenuity is the life-blood. We diligently seek to improve and to find new ways to build products. Perpetual innovation is at the very heart of the Sorigo team.
  • +Learning

    • At Sorigo, we believe that learning is vital to top achievement. Because of that, we purpose to create and foster a learning culture: one that attracts the curious, the inquisitive, the unsatisfied. To stop learning is to stop living. We are determined to learn our customer's business like it is our own. Learning new technologies, new approaches, and new solutions feeds the Sorigo team's natural sense of wonder.
  • +Quality

    • At Sorigo, all things done are done well. Period. Quality is not something added in, but a Sorigo mindset, intrinsic throughout the entire product development process. Before we put our name on anything, it must be stellar. It will be designed, developed, and built with an indigenous focus on quality.The Sorigo team will settle for nothing less.
  • +Respect

    • We treat our customers, employees, board members, advisers, competitors, and others with utmost respect. We are passionate about ideas, concepts, solutions, and products, but we will always express that passion with respect for each individual affected by the Sorigo team.


Having a strong presence in the software product arena, Paul King (LinkedIn profile), the founder of Sorigo, has built products and software teams from the beginning of the PC revolution through the Internet wave and now in the mobile world. Paul's background in software spans many industries and technologies, including operating systems, device drivers, enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, SRM, Supply-chain), eCommerce web applications, and mobile applications. He has experience in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Government, Field Service, and Third-party Logistics (3PL), among others.

Over the last six years in the mobile market, he has consistently utilized the latest technologies to build solid, prize-winning products. Paul was CTO of two different mobile software companies, LSN Mobile and Agentek, where he led the product development and infrastructure teams.

LSN Mobile created and published over 300 mobile apps in the Apple and Android marketplaces and hundreds of mobile web applications. The extensible mobile architecture also won an award for innovation. Significant customer adoption was achieved with over 9,000,000 app downloads and over 450,000,000 page views per month. Customers were numerous media companies, such as ABC, Hearst, and Cox.

At Agentek, as a leader in Field Service, Paul led the teams in building solutions for customers like IKON / Ricoh, ADT, Trane, Ferralgas, Heritage Propane, and Aramark, saving many of these companies millions of dollars annually based on their own internal research.

Members of these outstanding teams are now at Sorigo, building software with the same impeccable quality and intensity as before. Although many companies are rushing to build mobile apps, Sorigo stands apart with a solid development team, possessing a long-lasting track record of designing, developing and building quality software from the ground up.

Sorigo - What's in a name?

Sorigo - S for small and Origo, Latin for origin. The name serves as a constant reminder that we started small and are committed to maintaining the passion, excitement, and energy of a strong entrepreneurial company in all that we undertake. We strive to live up to our name: to be a dependable company that is passionate about serving our customers every day and making their satisfaction and delight our number one priority.